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Purchasing a home has never been easier. Whether this is your first home, second home, looking for your forever home or rental property, we have the options for you.
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The Mortgage USA Purchase Experience
1. Tell Us About You
We want to know about you! Your home buying goals, income, and credit will help us determine the best solution for you.
2. Pre-Approval
Whether this is your first time buying a home, searching for homes, or already putting offers in on homes. Our mortgage professional will generate a pre-approval letter for you with just how much you can afford along with walking you through the homebuying process.
Buyer confidence is our number one priority so pulling up a copy of your credit report, sending in income and asset statements, may be required to give you peace of mind and an extra layer of security while going through the home buying process.
3. Make An Offer
After you get an offer accepted, our mortgage professional will then run through all the different pricing scenarios with you based off your financial goals discussed to get you the absolute best pricing available.
4. Secure Your Pricing
To lock it all in, we will then need to complete an official mortgage application, get some documentation electronically signed, and get back some of your preliminary documentation.
5. Processing And Underwriting
Processing and Underwriting intertwine with one another. After we get all your initial documents submitted, we will submit everything over to the underwriting department. A list of conditions will generate that is needed from you in which our processing team will communicate with you right away. Together, we will get all conditions to get the clear to close.
6. Closing
After we get the clear to close, Congratulations! you are ready to close! Our team will work with you to get your loan scheduled and finalized.